“Karyn is an absolute gem to work with. She communicates effectively, with compassion, and is able to add a little bit of humour to it. I appreciate her approach to fitness, training and teaching. She is deeply passionate about helping people of all fitness and education levels. I know that whoever is training with Karyn will be in good hands, as she takes the time to speak to people in a way that they understand and grasp the concepts. Thanks for everything, Karyn!” Justin Slimm – Slimm Fitness & Calgary Fitness Podcast 

“Karyn had high energy the entire weekend, she ensured we went over the most important topics for the exams and had us sweating every day.  She was recommended by another fitness instructor and I can absolutely see why. She has very relatable stories and great to chat with about fitness topics and about life” C.S. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Karyn is a fantastic instructor. She’s motivated, energetic, caring & fun. She always has a smile on her face, even when I was dying through the FTP Test. She’s very educated in her profession & she explains things in a way that can be grasped by everyone. I would in the future take another workshop from her again.” G.M. – ICG Coach by Color

“Karyn is awesome  as she can teach difficult concepts using techniques that will help us memorize. She is always on time and really organized, she is FUN to work with. We love her :)” S.V – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Karyn is an excellent teacher. She has a great sense of humor and is very personable. She uses a variety of teaching methods to support individual learning. She is organized and keep things efficient. I would recommend Karyn’s training to anyone. Thanks Karyn  :)” S.T. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

Thank you for everything you all did to help me obtain my Personal Training Specialist.  I felt completely supported through the whole process. During the online course there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions. The three trainers all shared their contact information and encouraged us to reach out if we had questions. I did have some questions and received quick responses back. I enjoyed the format of having the training over two weekends. Having the week in between gave me some time to focus on the information we learned in the first day and make some study notes for that section before moving on to the next sections in the following weekend. It also allowed some time to do the homework without feeling pressured to get it done right after a full day of training.   I felt really supported in preparing for the exams and knew what to expect. I am sure that I did so well because I was given clear instructions. Thank you Jodie, Eldridge and Karyn for everything! Woo hoo! I’m a certified PTS!!!! Group fitness has always been my focus. It was my first love and what drew me to the industry but I am so glad I decided to finally take my PTS. I feel like I have additional knowledge now to support my group fitness students as well as take on some personal training.”Melanie K. PTS and FIS certified

Dear @karynsilenzi They’re no amount of words to use to describe you. Your truly an amazing, inspirational and all round awesome person and pro trainer. When I thought I couldn’t reach my goals, you always supported me, encouraged me, constantly motivated me and kept me going. I want to thank you for helping me achieve my dream of becoming a group fitness instructor here in Canada. It has been a very long road, with covid19 standing in the way but I see the light at the end of the tunnel. I want to let you know how much we appreciate your investment in our lives. Without you we couldn’t be teaching fitness classes; it’s been an amazing experience from beginning to end. Thank you for being our role model and living as an example of how a fitness instructor should be. I am dedicating today’s victory to you, my patient trainer and role model. You never gave up on me, and I couldn’t have achieved this success without your guidance. Thank you!” – Benita M, Fitness Instructor Specialist

“I really enjoyed my 3-day intensive virtual learning with Karyn for the FIS course. Karyn kept spirits high, and focused on ensuring all participants were comfortable with the content presented. She encouraged us to push outside our comfort zones, gave constructive feedback, and was the ultimate motivator. Her passion for fitness and learning could not be more apparent, which made the virtual hours really zoom by 😀 .  I learned so much from Karyn, and also from my fellow participants, as Karyn also ensured we were able to share our expertise with one another as well. I couldn’t recommend this program more, I feel a lot more confident and excited for the next steps of my path in fitness.” – Alyssa V, Fitness Instructor Specialist

“What a great!! day!! You were wonderfully positive and could answer all our questions. Please stay in touch because I would love to set up the next step – how to teach and design a class!!!” D.D. – ICG Coach by Color – Owner, Badlands Training Facility

“Great content and it was easy to understand.  Karyn is very engaging as well – for a 3 day course with lots of information relevant to the evaluation, it was awesome!” V.S. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Karyn is wonderful! She does an excellent job of going over the material and helping us feel confident with the material. She has a variety of exercises, a lot of experience, and confidence as an instructor. We also had a lot of fun!” J.N. – Fitness Instructor Specialist, Group Program Co-ordinator.

“Thank you for the enriching experience! Karyn was incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging to all the participants. Her vast experience in the health and wellness industry was evident and inspiring. Despite the virtual setting, I felt an instant connection to the others in the course as it felt like a safe, supportive place to be vulnerable and open.  Also, it was fun having fellow participants from across Canadian which would not have been possible without the virtual platform.  The course material was covered in the right amount of detail and well explained.  Having the opportunity to go into breakout rooms and work on group activities helped me to keep my focus throughout the day.  This format also made any of the teaching parts of the course less nerve racking because we had the opportunity to rehearse before presenting to the larger group. ” – Holly P, Fitness Instructor Specialist, Yoga instructor

“Karyn has had a huge impact on my fitness journey since meeting her 3 years ago in my first ever cycle class.  Since then I’ve purchased and ridden a road bike for the first time ever and even bought a mountain bike this past fall.  I was initially terrified to try a cycle class.  I’m not much of a fitness class person.  I usually prefer individual activities but in Karyn’s classes I discovered that I could compete against myself in an encouraging environment and was motivated to work harder every time.  I’ve missed Karyn’s classes so much during covid lockdowns but because of her influence I’m still riding on my trainer in my basement.  I’m also still in contact with Karyn not only because of her great wealth of knowledge and advice, but also because she’s become a valued friend.” Client

“I had the privilege of meeting Karyn nearly five years ago in Canada. At the time I wasn’t involved in fitness, I would just be that one hiding at the back of the room attending lots of classes. 
Karyn would always walk in with her game face, tall lean fit figure ready to get into business! A good instructor should be able to:
– Inspire, motivate and encourage – Knowledgeable – Build connections and relationships – Create atmosphere – Modify – Be sensitive to newcomers 
Karyn has excelled in all of these capabilities as fitness instructor, but as an educator and human being she has so many more qualities.  She was able to identify in me something that I would have never seen by myself, a passion for fitness! Karyn introduced me into a world of fitness and knowledge on her own time by guiding me through a path to become an instructor myself. Since then I have seen Karyn grow so much in the fitness world that I am so proud to have had her as a mentor and knowing that she will always be there for me. By becoming a Canfitpro PRO she is now being recognized for all her hard work, from being an athlete in triathlons, rowing, cycling and in fitness competitions, while always continuing to further educate herself.”
F.N. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“I am privileged to recommend Karyn as a superior coach, leader and top health professional in
the industry. I returned back to work from being at home with my children. First week I signed up for Karyn’s Tuesday cycle class and that was the beginning of a love of Karyn, total respect for her passion and dedication to the sport. We, pre-covid, had a Tuesday class full of tremendous hard work (yes she challenges her class) and comradery with our class that motivated all to be the best we could be and work as hard as we could. Fear would occur if she got off that bike and started walking around the room lol. It was a class filled with educational fitness knowledge of our journey, knowing the mechanics of our bodies and how to work hard, within healthy limits, all while spinning to her amazing playlists.
To say that Karyn goes above and beyond for her clients is an understatement. She brings an integrity and joy to all she does, and as a result, I am down 60 pounds, feeling like the person I was and have gained a tremendous friend and fitness mentor. I have been an athlete most of my life and I have never met a coach with her consistent commitment and pure love of what she does and why she does it – all supported by tremendous fitness knowledge. It is a passion for Karyn and it shows in every ride, in every conversation and she leads by example.
The above sentiment can be echoed by every person in our class, let alone everyone she interacts with. We raced to the app to sign into that class as it was full by 8:30. A sign of how much her clients valued her leadership and the time spent sweating, spinning and pushing ourselves to be the best versions we could be.”

“Amazing! One of my best life experiences. The workshop has forced me to get out of my comfort zone and do things I would never have done a year ago. There is so much community support and encouragement from everyone. As an older adult learning is always challenging & Karyn makes it easy & simple to not only understand but also retain. Whether  you are 20 or 50 I would encourage anyone with a passion for fitness to take this course.” P.P. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“-Karyn offers great learning strategies to remember materials covered. -Safe and fun environment ideal for learning. -Group activities very helpful for learning. -Hands on learning. -Getting comfortable with teaching & making mistakes & receiving feedback. -Daily review of info covered the day previous and frequent FUN quizzes to help participants remember the material. -Got us up and moving. Loved it :)” V.M. – Fitness instructor Specialist

“Karyn was an awesome trainer. She made everyone feel comfortable and confident in each chapter of learning but also in our actual classes. Karyn also made sure she taught the lessons in  more than one way to help all ranges of learning levels ex. (visual, written). I had an awesome experience in her class and would highly recommend taking her course! Thanks so much Karyn!” KS – Fitness Instructor Specialist, Orange Theory Fitness

“Karyn Silenzi is an excellent instructor for the Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) program. She is engaging, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and encouraging. I feel very confident that I have gained all of the essential information plus all of the practical principles to be successful in completing my certificaton and, to ultimately, become an FIS” -KB – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“At the beginning of the year, a friend and I were in the process of an application and it required us to have our CanFitPro certification. We had learned that one of our instructors at the club,Karyn, was a Pro Trainer. Karyn has been such an amazing co-worker, she encouraged me time and time again to sign up for her trainings. 3 days seemed to be a daunting time to sit and learn (especially being out of school for over 10 years), but she made it fun and practical to learn all the necessary concepts needed to complete the certification. She broke down all the concepts bit by bit making easier to remember. AND she took the time to help with things I did not understand while I was studying! She also knows how to calm this girls nerves down during the practical when everything seemed to go sideways. She pushed me to be the best I can be when I needed it the most! If you want someone personable who will help you yet challenge you, Karyn is your go to person!” V.L. – Fitness Instructor, Zumba, Manager

“Karyn delivered the FIS course with excellence. She was knowledgable, approachable, and very inspiring. I encourage anyone wanting to increase their knowledge of fitness to take this course with Karyn.” J.B.-  Fitness Instructor Specialist, Les Mills

Great! We learned a lot and she provided a lot of study/memory tips to retain information and help implement practically. Loved the class practice and movement to break up the day. Thanks for a great weekend :)” M.C. –  Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Amazing! Karyn does an excellent job in covering all the material in a nice, interesting, and fun way to understand. She is very caring and assists everyone in learning the material and skills needed. It was a great experience taking this course with Karyn who is a passionate teacher and fitness enthusiast.” C.V. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Hi Karyn, I participated in your great HIIT class at the Vancouver Canfitpro Conference. You delivered some great inspiration and it’s the best HIIT training class I’ve been too. I look forward to implementing your HIIT program for some of my clients.” canfitpro Vancouver 2019

“Hi Karyn, What a fabulous session this morning, thank you! “ -canfitpro Vancouver 2019

“Hi Karyn, Thanks so much for the very informative seminar today, I really enjoyed it. I didn’t get the notes for the seminar so was hoping you could email them to me. Thanks very much, you are quite an inspiration! “ -canfitpro Vancouver 2019

Hi, I recently attended to Canfitpro Conference in Vancouver and had the course “ The real fat burning zone”. First I want to thank you so much for your amazing session! I really liked it! I actually one of the fan of HIIT and really enjoyed your performance! I wished you were here in Vancouver and I attended to your class! “ -canfitpro Vancouver 2019

“I had a fantastic experience taking the FIS course with Karyn. The material was dense but she made it memorable. Karyn used visualizations, group presentations, and movement to make sure the material was easier to retain. I really appreciated Karyn’s enthusiasm throughout the entire course. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!” A. M. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“I’m very pleased to meet Karyn. She is perfect instructor. I have enjoyed attending the class. Karyn is very professional. Thanks a lot.” L.T. – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Karyn! Thank you so much for the incredible weekend full of learning and support. It takes a special person to create an environment where everyone feels safe to explore, experiment, try new things, ask questions, and share their hearts. You absolutely BEYOND created this. You are an absolute light, and it was truly a blessing to learn from you!! Thank you so so so much!!!!!” Krissie – Fitness Instructor

“Hi Karyn! Thank you SO MUCH for your time! Thank you for your expertise and your passion! Thank you so much for being an amazing teacher and being so incredibly encouraging and humble! You are absolutely beautiful inside and out! I am so grateful to have met you! Thank you for the smoothie! Thank you for everything!” J.E – Fitness instructor

“Taking my FIS course with Karyn was truly amazing! Her passion for fitness and leadership are gifts to this world, and she is so inspiring. It is beyond evident Karyn wants to see everyone she works with grow and develop into a confident and knowledgeable, and authentic instructor. Karyn went the extra miles to give feedback, email me resources, and to help me understand all of the concepts that are important for instructors to know. I am so grateful to have learned from Karyn and to have her as a cheerleader for me on this journey! <3” K.E. –  Group fitness instructor.

“I did my FIS course/exam with Karyn and she is truly amazing! She genuinely cares about her students and wants them to succeed. The program is content heavy but she manages to simplify technical concepts to make them more relatable and easier to grasp. I left the course with a much broader understanding of the content than I had from reading the textbook alone. She makes herself available to you as you plan for your theoretical/practical exams and makes a point of getting your marks back to you right away to put your mind at ease. Karyn is very knowledgeable, reassuring, approachable and understanding. I would highly recommend her and canfitpro for your FIS certification.”  JS – Fitness Instructor Specialist

Feedback from canfitpro Toronto 2019

HIIT or Miss – Ensure your Class Design is Effective “-Really enjoyed -Nice to see something different -Very helpful -Excellent -She was engaging and aren incredible speaker.  Caught her audience right at the start.” The REAL Fat Burning Zone “-Great information -Always amazing -Awesome take away!! Appreciate the easy comprehensive slides and of course the humour!! -Great energetic and informative session!!”

Hi!  Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic course this weekend! There was so much content and loved the way you broke some of the difficult content down into easy concepts to learn with the tricks and tips! I was engaged in the material the whole weekend. It was an intimidating and humbling experience at times but with such a great group of women it really did feel like a safe environment to make mistakes and learn and not feel silly about how you did.  It really was an encouraging environment.”  DS – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Karyn is well organized, explains concepts clearly and is very approachable. Her directness and ability to educate in various styles makes me feel that I will be well prepared for the exams. The best thing about Karyn is that she is genuine, and truely wishes that her students will be successful both on the upcoming exams and future careers and fitness instructors. Karyn, you are wonderful!” Vanessa H – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“This class was so intense and full of wonderful information. Karyn is a great teacher using different forms of learning modalities to bring the concepts to live. I am so glad I choose this program to get certified.” Kelly H – Fitness Instructor Specialist

“You so hit it out of the park yesterday at the canfitpro fitCALGARY conference. Minimal notes, well informed, incredibly organized, great engagement with the audience, and perfect voice modulation. You’re AMAZING!!” -Diana M, Group Fitness Instructor

“Karyn was truly amazing! She wasn’t just there to do her job; she cared about our success. I traveled from Lethbridge to Calgary for the FIS course and needed help finding a location/enough people to participate in my practical exam/class. Karyn organized everything! Thanks again for making the whole process ENJOYABLE and EDUCATING! “ -Miranda O, Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Good afternoon, I would like to provide a review on your training courses.  I first crossed paths with Karyn years ago while she was training for her first Figure Competitions. In a few short months it was abundantly clear how dedicated and driven she was about her own health and fitness, and what I would learn, the fitness industry. Karyn walked away from those competitions with trophies in hand, and a piece of her went right to my heart! This incredible woman had such an impact on my own fitness journey, and supported my every question and goal long before I even signed up to take a group fitness course with her.  Flash forward a few years later and I decided to turn my passion into fitness into a career and couldn’t think of anyone I would rather be trained by!!! I live approximately 8 hours away from Karyn, and while I could have signed up to take the course at a location that was closer, I am so thankful over and OVER again that I traveled the extra few hours before her wisdom, knowledge, passion, and commitment to her trainees has been invaluable!!!! I am a busy mother of three, and have been out of a school/learning atmosphere for years. To say I was overwhelmed with the course material is an understatement, however, Karyn did a phenomenal job at breaking down each section into terms I could remember and provided various different learning styles so I could fully grasp the information being provided. Not only did she give us her 110% attention in class, she would follow up with me to make sure I was on track and reaching the goals I had set out for myself. Its been almost six months since I’ve taken my Fitness Instructor Specialist course with Karyn, and whenever I have a question or concern, she STILL takes the time to provide a prompt answer, or a resource where I can turn too. There might be other training instructors out there, but Karyn goes above AND beyond to ensure each participant is successful and confident before taking their practical and written exams and continues to set the bar high with her continued support, tips, and advice. I highly recommend ANYONE in Alberta or surrounding area, make the trip and come take the training with her!!!  I am so thankful Karyn offers these training courses because I was able to walk right into an amazing Fitness Instructor position and I’m confident it’s because of the training and tools she provided.” -Noelle K, Group Fitness Instructor Specialist

“Karyn I  just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all your hard work, effort and constant feedback throughout this entire process!  I am not sure how people can do this without the aid of someone as wonderful, talented and  knowledgable as you are. From the moment we first spoke (I’m sorry I know I had so many questions about the whole process) I felt so comfortable with you and how you made everything seem so clear. The course was essential to my success and I am in awe of how you were able to pull everything together to make it make sense in a way I could never get just from reading the text books. I will let all of my friends and other fitpros know how instrumental your prep workshop was in getting me to my final goal. I’ve booked several reaching gigs now and I can’t say that I could have done that with out your help. Thank you forever! Please let’s keep in touch forever!!!!!” -RM, Group Fitness Specialist

” I have just recently entered the Fitness teaching realm completing my CanFIT Pro Fitness Instructor Specialist course with Karyn.  I was extremely fortunate to have Karyn as my instructor as she was such a motivational force in coaching, guiding, and mentoring me through my fitness journey.  Karyn has such an extensive fitness knowledge base and it comes out in her flare for teaching the Fitness Instructor Specialist course. She helped break down complicated material into easy-to-understand and manageable segments, and always provided great examples with the course content.  I also know first-hand that she gives of her time, and reaches out to check on her students.   I was extremely lucky to have Karyn be my instructor, but she will continue to be a part of my on-going fitness education as well. As with any learning, it never stops, and having the right teacher makes the journey that much more enjoyable!” -Noy W, Zumba instructor, Fitness instructor specialist

“Since the first time I met Karyn, she was more than an instructor to me.  She was a mentor, a friend and a role model. She is a phenomenal educator and facilitator. She made hard things easy to learn and complicated things simple to understand. I feel very fortunate that Karyn was a huge part of my journey to becoming a Fitness professional.  I am glad that more people now can learn from her knowledge and experience, as she remains an aspiration to us all.” -Rossana, Group Exercise instructor

” I remember the first time I took one of Karyn’s classes. As soon I saw my husband after the class, I said “I want Karyn to train me!” I didn’t know her at all but on stage she was amazing, showing perfection and precision. I had always dreamt of becoming a fitness instructor but I thought it was totally out of my range until Karyn approached me and convinced me that even at 36 and with two small kids I could do it.
Karyn transmits her strong passion for fitness and well being in such a down to earth way that is amazing.
Karyn became my mentor and I couldn’t have been happier. It wasn’t always easy, as she is a perfectionist, but that is what I wanted! She doesn’t do anything just for the sake of it, but she puts her heart into everything with great determination. I will never stop thanking her.”
-Francesca, FIS

“I have attended several of Karyn’s workshops and lectures and I always walk away with great info and a deeper understanding of different fitness topics.  She’s an amazing and strong fitness instructor and facilitator and really takes you under her wings.”​ -KD, Group X instructor

“Karyn has an ability to take large confusing chunk of information and boil it down to what needs to be known, how to remember it, and how to apply it in classes.  She always says that learning is a journey but I was happy to walk along side her with it” -MW, Cycle (Spinning) instructor

“Karyn continues to be a great mentor for me.  She is generous with her time and truly wants group fitness instructors to succeed.   Her passion for health and wellness is contagious and she motivates and inspires everyone she comes in contact with.”  -KH, Zumba and Group Exercise instructor

“Karyn is one of the most dedicated and detailed orientated trainers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. This is important in a trainer because she gives constructive feedback to help you become better in an easy way to understand and work on. She offers support and guidance and will answer questions anytime.  I have worked with many trainers in my 15+ years career in the fitness industry BUT I have not found anyone as thorough and invested in you as Karyn. If you get an opportunity to learn from her, TAKE IT! “ -Lindsay Hack – Certified Health Coach, Group Exercise instructor

“From day one Karyn has given so much of her time, passion and energy to ensuring I was successful as an instructor.  From mentoring me, to teaching me, to following up and by introducing me to people in the industry Karyn ensured my success as an instructor.  She has so much to give and does so for the good of the industry.  I’m always excited to hear what she is lecturing on next.  She provides value, education and opportunities.  Thank you for that.  I’ll always appreciate the time she spent with me.” -AG, Fitness Instructor

“Hi Karyn, I just want to give you an enormous thank you for this weekend’s session. I’m so happy you were our pro trainer for this course. I couldn’t imagine anybody else better than you. 

Since I received my canfitpro books I’ve been reading them and have completed the study guide at least twice. This book is really technical and most of the lessons didn’t make sense to me. It has been a big challenge. You did an amazing job explaining the book and it gave more sense to me. It was really helpful attending your class to get a better understanding. 

You are such a beautiful person in and out and made those longs days go by really fast. I’ll leave a great feedback for you and highly recommend you to any of my colleagues who want to take this training. Thanks a bunch and will see you soon! “ -Sixela F,  Zumba, Fitness Instructor Specialist