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IDEA Health and Fitness Magazine – How to Be a Better Adult Learner

Whether you’re getting your continuing education credits, obtaining a new certification or teaching an unfamiliar format, you must practice new skills and, yes, you’ll probably stumble along the way. You may find it hard to step into a role that requires doing something unfamiliar; after all, haven’t you seen and experienced it all? However, research drives updated knowledge and techniques, existing talents do not always transfer, competencies might not easily develop, and if you’re doing something you’ve never done before, you will make mistakes.

The canfitpro Practical Exam: Top Tips to Make Sure You Pass!

Nationally and internationally recognized, canfitpro is Canada’s leading certification body for Personal Training Specialists (PTS) and Fitness Instructor Specialists (FIS). They provide a variety of learning experiences that includes virtual or in-person courses with an expert PRO TRAINER. Professional certification through canfitpro is achieved through a combination of independent learning, virtual training, classes, and exams.