I heard another fitness professional refer to a certified group fitness instructor as “JUST an instructor” as if that was somehow less-than.

What some people don’t realize is who these “JUST instructors” are:

Professionals in others careers – Accountants, engineers, lawyers, physiotherapists, and chiropractors. Years of advanced education and demanding roles, and they just spent their lunch hour creating the perfect playlist for class.

The SAHM that dedicates her time and energy to looking after small humans. She hasn’t slept properly in 5 years but is showing up to lead others along a journey of fitness. She helps others change their bodies because she knows how much a body can change.

The retired individual looking to contribute and be a part of something. Who understands that classes are about MORE than just fitness, a life is about more than just working, and that without your health you have nothing.

The entrepreneur who sees an opportunity and is chasing it, using their time, money, and energy to create a sustainable business. Making their dream a reality by inventing and innovating the industry. Creating opportunities for all of us.

The university student who is teaching to make some extra cash – because post-secondary education is expensive and they need a way to get rid of some stress. They have hours of papers and labs to do and they are showing up anyways….because they love it.

The ex-athlete that understands how movement, focus, and training can change not only the mind and body but also the spirit. They want others to experience those feelings of accomplishment and achievement. They know with hard work, the body can do miraculous things.

The young person who stumbled into the fitness industry 20 or 30 years ago and never left. They found their calling and created a life out of it. They helped to shape the industry we all use today.

To be JUST an instructor is to be….

A leader. A guide. A confidante. An educator. A creator. A motivator. A believer. A teacher. A rainmaker.

A dancer, a dreamer, an artist.

A person who can instantly make someone else’s day better (or worse, if there are burpees involved).

Those instructors are showing up for you, with all their heart and soul. And they have more to offer than most people recognize.

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