Independent Industry Innovators

Virtual delivery of fitness and business development can occur in many different forms – Live
instructor-led, live bi-directional, and pre-recorded video-on-demand just to name a few. Today
you will hear from a panel of expert industry leaders who have adapted their methods and have
created new business models for themselves and others. Today’s speakers will allow you to
peek behind the curtain at some ideas and concepts that each and every fitness professional
can use to become successful within our new fitness frontier.

Topics discussed in this panel include:
Time and experience in the industry of each panelist.
Four different business models and target customer base.
The fitness industry’s evolution over the past year and forecasts for the future.
Virtual delivery specifics and risk avoidance.
Logistics and difficulties experienced with starting out.
“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn” – a business model that is sustainable.
Propelling force that leads to making the change.
Some “out of the box” ideas instructors and leaders can pursue.
Social media sites speakers are most active on.

  • Karyn Silenzi – canfitpro, Life Fitness, ICG
  • Stacey Waite – ICG
  • Kal Jamshidi – onPodio
  • Tyler Valencia – Time2Train
  • Joey Stabile – HeartZones

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