Cycling Performance – What Size are Your Pants?

Fitness measurements that work

For all the amazing cyclists I know that come to my classes, or exercise with other instructors, FTP is like your pant size. Make sure they fit for the best experience.

1) It doesn’t reflect who you are, it just reflects where you are at today.

2) It will change in a good way if you are doing things right. It will also change in a not-so-good way if you’re doing things wrong.

3) If you’re a size 6 in one brand (or power meter) you may fit a size 4 in others (or size 8). Consistency in brand (power meters) matters to getting the fit (workout) right. Use the sizing of the pants you wear the most.

4) You may never be a size 6. And that’s ok! We all have different strengths and attributes.

5) If you want help with it, work with the right people.

6) If you insist on wearing that size 6 and it truly doesn’t fit where you are at today, you are going to be very uncomfortable when doing it.

7) If you have a goal, knowing where you are starting from matters.

8) At the end of the day, the number doesn’t REALLY matter to who you are as a person. Progression over perfection.

Ride on.

Karyn Silenzi ICG/Life Fitness North American Master Trainer, LIV North Master Trainer Canada, canfitpro PRO TRAINER, PTS and FIS, author, presenter

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