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National Certification Workshops

Multi-day, in-class, and virtual certification preparation courses and small group training to prepare individuals to specialize in creating and instructing group fitness classes or personal training sessions.

Designing and delivering a 27-hour workshop covering key concepts and application of physiology and biomechanics in order to create, build, practice, and support practical competency concepts that result in fitness classes that are safe, effective, and efficient.

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Fitness Instructor Specialist

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Facility Training: Workshops and Workouts

Barbell workshop – (Full day workshop 9 hours) – Welcome to the world of pre-choreographed fitness classes. During this full day workshop (for existing instructors only) you will gain an in-depth understanding of the how and why these classes are taking the current fitness market by storm.

Through interactive and hands-on activities, you will learn how to read choreography notes, gain greater insights and familiarity with music, understand the anatomy of a song and identifying sections and patterns within music to create the most powerful barbell class to date. 

Movement with Load – Group Fitness, ViPR (Half-day workshop 4.5 hours) – A 4.5-hour workshop designed to introduce you to the training concepts, design, and instruction of athletic loaded movement patterns for group fitness instructors.

ViPR bridges the gap between movement and strength training. It combines full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance, and reconditioning goals of clients and athletes. This training will focus on ViPR Athletic, which is the metabolic conditioning class that trains your body as one unit.

Tread and Shred – (Half-day workshop 4 hours) – During this interactive workshop (for existing fitness instructors and personal trainers only) discover the power of intensity and heart rate monitoring to ensure efficiency and effectiveness within your members’ training sessions. 

Using a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM), treadmill interval training and body weight exercises, this science-based program will keep you in the right zone for maximum calorie loss using specifically designed and timed cardio, power and body weight resistance floor blocks. This material gives you a comprehensive information package on how to effectively instruct heart rate based group exercise classes.

This manual is aimed at instructors who already are familiar with the basics of training physiology and who have experience in teaching different group exercise classes.

The Fat Burning Zone – (Half-day workshop 4 hours) – During this interactive workshop, you will experience and learn about the body’s different Energy Development Systems and how these interact depending on the activity and fuel available in your body.

Understanding relative and absolute values is critical for the REAL fat burning zone and learn how you can create the perfect fat burning exercise routines for your clients. You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of hormones and the roles they play within your body and learn how to counsel your clients on the perfect pre and post workout meals.

Training for ICG® WattRate Training – Workshop (4 hours) – Why should you be interested in it and how can you go about understanding, measuring and improving it to enable you as a coach to deliver training and classes that create fitter, faster, stronger cyclists?

Training for ICG® Coach By Color – Workshop (4 hours) – Many areas of product design that provide user feedback in fitness products have evolved from conventional, purely functional design to being able to appeal to and elicit a positive emotional response in the user and their experience of the equipment, be it heart rate monitors, cardio machine displays, functional resistance equipment.

These have and continue to be designed to utilize the impact of color in the product and on the user.

Training for ICG® Aging and Adaptation – Workshop (4 hours) – In this workshop we will discuss and characterize the structural and physiologic changes that occur to the neuromuscular system with aging and the response of skeletal muscle; in all members of society as we age; and apply it to exercise and specific training.

Certain variables must be considered so that accurate conclusions can be drawn; it is a fact that habitual activity is inversely related to age; younger people are more active than older people. The result being that any reported body changes must be considered either as a natural outcome of aging or simply a reflection of the age-related decline in physical activity.

Training for ICG® MyRide – Workshop (4 hours) – Indoor cycling has evolved dramatically since its launch into the fitness market nearly 20 years ago and become one of the leading group exercise disciplines. It is now seen as a must-have on the class schedule of any successful club.

Different class methods and teaching philosophies are now linked to different bike manufacturers and suppliers.

ICG® Periodization and Performance – Workshop (4 hours) – Periodization is now a mainstay of athletic training as athletes and coaches have been subdividing their training into various sub-periods for many years as it has been known for a long time that it is not possible to maintain a physical and mental peak for more than a few weeks at a time.

Mastery of Variation – Create Dozens of Exercises from a Single Movement with limited tools (Workshop 90 minutes) – You never know who is going to show up or what state they will be in. Be prepared to modify or progress any basic movement to provide options for everyone in your class by becoming a master of variation.

In this interactive workshop, you will experience 7 different areas you can utilize to create dozens of movements from a basic movement for your group fitness or small group training sessions.

Creating Modifications for every BODY- RIP Release (Masterclass 90 minutes) – Challenge your strength, proprioceptors, and brain function as we dive into exercises using the frontal, sagittal and transverse planes.

Test your stamina with RIP SHOTS, balance in tandem stance, and core with the all-new Corkscrew. Battle your way through exercises in reverse and then round out your growth with the educational RIP TIPS that keeps you on top of your game. RIP: STRONG FOR LIFE!  In-depth lecture provided on creating progressions and modifications to suit every BODY in our class.

The Power of Corrections – RIP Release (Masterclass 90 minutes) – STRONG FOR LIFE! Discover the power of providing hands on and personal corrections to deliver the most amazing fitness class.

The Mastery of Cueing – RIP Release (Masterclass 90 minutes) – RIP is a barbell workout that incorporates functional orthopedic strength training. Every movement plane is attacked using weights and body weight. Featuring safe and motivating exercises, and great music to create a thrilling group fitness atmosphere.

Learn how with the right types of cueing you can create a mind-body experience to ensure your participants get the best workout possible and keep them coming back for more.

HIIT or Miss – Ensure your class design is effective (Workshop 90 minutes) – Fitness members want more – ensure your class plan or training session delivers. Designed to build upon some of the key concepts delivered in The REAL Fat Burning Zone session, you will learn and experience the nuances between three very different types of interval training structures.

Designed to address specific physiological responses, this session will provide you with specific class formats and concepts to utilize in your next personal training session or group fitness class. Guarantee that you are HIITing the mark with every client face-to-face interaction.

Rhythm and Power – creating power based rides within musically motivated classes (Workshop 90 minutes) – Instructors struggle with creating rides that are specific to individual riders. By creating a musically motivated playlist layered with understanding basic physiological responses, power zones, duration, and using the technology at our fingertips, we can take our riders’ experience to a whole new level.

Join me in this interactive workshop where we will review and address 6 key concepts regarding rhythm and power based drills that you can use in your next cycle class.

Understanding EPOC: The Science Behind the Coveted “After-Burn” (Lecture 90 minutes) – Is it possible to burn hundreds of extra calories after a 45 minute fitness exercise class or weightlifting session? You might be surprised.

This session will provide a semi-deep dive into the science behind EPOC, research materials, and program design including measurement tools available to fitness professionals to ensure that you are familiar with what Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption is and how to make the most out of your time with your participants.

“Aerobic” Training instead of HIIT: Benefit or Bust? (Lecture 90 minutes) – Most fitness professionals, whether they are group fitness instructors or personal trainers, have only 45-60 minutes of face-to-face time with their clients. Do you believe your sessions always have to be “Go hard or go home” or are there any physiological benefits to staying within that aerobic/moderate intensity training zone? Is there any benefit to doing “less”?

See what science has to say, key take-aways for designing your classes and how to apply it.

Teaching to the Back Row (Lecture 90 minutes) – Understanding the psychology of our new members and building a safe and inclusive environment is key to building your numbers and ensuring your success as a group fitness professional. Learn how to welcome and include new people who want to feel successful and not intimidated while acknowledging and challenging more advanced students that want to continue to get better.

In this interactive workshop you’ll experience team building workouts designed to put a smile on everyone’s face and create raving fans.

Rates of Perceived Exertion (Workshop 90 minutes) – Exercise intensity if the cornerstone of fitness programming. As it is one of the most misunderstood concepts in today’s fitness environment, during this workshop lecture you will learn the history, experience how the rating system actually works and walk away with a clear and concise way to explain this to all your group fitness classes.

USING TECHNOLOGY TO UNLOCK YOUR POWER POTENTIAL – What is power and why train with it? (Workshop 90 minutes) – Using the tools at your fingertips, discover how you can become an expert in your field and teach classes members will line up to attend. Learn how to create a workout experience that members rave about and unlock their true athletic potential.

The REAL Fat Burning Zone (Workshop 90 minutes) – The current fitness environment is at odds as to how to effectively create training and physiological adaptations within the constraints of a typical personal training session or group fitness class. Understanding the 3 different energy delivery systems, differentiating relative to absolute fat burning, and properly structuring formats to achieve effectiveness is key.

This session will provide you with a clear understanding of these concepts and provide recent studies which support the proper way to achieve success with the members you work with.

Stealth Learning Opportunities – Make it MORE THAN just a workout (Workshop 90 minutes) – Stealth learning is when an instructor uses clever, disguised ways to introduce learning objectives through non-traditional tools to encourage students to have fun and learn.

Students think they are merely playing, but they are simultaneously learning. In this interactive workshop you will experience different areas you can facilitate self- discovery with your class members to make their time with you MORE THAN just a workout.

Wearable Technology – The #1 Fitness trend in 2016 (Lecture 90 minutes) – In this lecture you will gain a greater understanding of what drives today’s fitness enthusiasts, how technology is making fitness goals and achievements easier for them to track, the roles and responsibilities of today’s group fitness instructor and how to use this as a way to stand out as an expert in your field.

Avoid Fitness Follies – Understanding Energy Delivery Systems (lecture 75 minutes) – Join Karyn Silenzi, ICG/Life Fitness Master Trainer, as she discusses how the current fitness environment is at odds as to how to effectively create training and physiological adaptations within the constraints of a typical personal training session or group fitness class.

Understanding the 3 different energy delivery systems, differentiating relative to absolute fat burning, and properly structuring class formats to achieve effectiveness is key. This session will provide you with a clear understanding of these concepts and provide studies that support understanding and achieving success with the members you work with.

This session will also provide you with training concepts that can be utilized in other group fitness classes and small group training formats as well. All group fitness instructors and personal trainers are welcome to attend! 

Profiles in a Pinch – Hack the Planning Process  (lecture 75 minutes) – Never worry again about “Writer’s/Rider’s Block” when designing indoor cycling ride profiles. Hack the planning process.

Join Karyn Silenzi, ICG/Life Fitness Master Trainer, as she discusses ways to put together creative profiles designed to keep riders entertained and progressing week over week. Never worry again about “Writer’s/Rider’s Block” when designing indoor cycling ride profiles. Learn how to hack the planning process. We will discuss how to set up a system that will allow you to easily create and progress indoor cycling profiles week over week. 

Collaboration Beyond Brand – Panel Discussion (75 minutes) – Key individuals in the industry collaborate beyond the brand they represent in an effort to maximize impact across any modality of fitness. Several Indoor Cycling groups on social media platforms have a large and varied following, yet it is cohesive in nature.

Here you will see industry leaders and educators assist and weigh in on everyday subject matters, regardless of the brand or certification people have. Despite representing ‘competing’ companies, they collaborate and offer guidance in the quest to improve the quality of education and programming within the industry. This is a structure we should all try to emulate. Differences aside, this is how we all can contribute to moving the health and wellness industry forward.

Independent Industry Innovators – Panel Discussion (60 minutes) – At no point throughout history has the fitness industry faced such significant and immediate changes on a global scale.

This is not to say that the industry wasn’t changing; It is not uncommon to see the introduction of new players, technological advances, and a slow succession of both ideas and leaders. But what we – the collective “we” – have faced over the last 12 months has changed the landscape forever. Today’s speakers will allow you to peek behind the curtain at some ideas and concepts that each and every fitness professional can use to become successful within our new fitness frontier. 

Games For Gains – Indoor cycling drills designed to target fitness adaptations  (lecture 60 minutes) – Join Melanie and Karyn as these ICG/Life Fitness Master Trainers discuss the power of gamification in exercise, teach concepts related to training the body’s different energy systems, and share indoor cycling team drills to ensure your class plan or training session delivers.

This session will provide you with training concepts that can be utilized in other group fitness classes/small group training formats as well. All group fitness instructors and personal trainers are welcome to attend!