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Tips and Considerations for Buying Your First Bike

I am an indoor cycling instructor and Master Trainer for ICG/Life Fitness and I help people fall in love again with cycling – indoors and out. I cannot tell you the number of times a grown adult has approached me and said they would love to come to my cycling class but are afraid. I am pleased to say that I have a lot of recreational riders, serious cyclists, and bike racers/triathletes that attend my classes. Indoor cycling classes are great because no one can ever fall off, get lost, or be left behind. And because of that, many of my riders have rediscovered the love of riding and with that, look to ride outdoors. Photo by Coen van de Broek on Unsplash

The Importance of the Warm-up

We can take our cues as to how important a warm-up is by watching any sporting event – from amateur to professional levels. The warm-up is a serious endeavor undertaken to achieve high levels of performance, prepare mentally for the task ahead, and to avoid injury. Warming up in cycling class serves a similar purpose. What should we be aware of in our class programming, regarding warming up? Photo by Flo Karr on Unsplash